Widow with Dementia Gave $600,000 to Kabbalah Centre Charity

A Southern California widow suffering from dementia made a $600,000 donation in 2006 to a charity run by nonprofit spirituality group the Kabbalah Centre, of which her financial trustee is a key member, according to the Los Angeles Times. Relatives said Susan Strong Davis, an 87-year-old former socialite, had no known affiliation with the center and had never expressed any interest when still lucid in the Jewish mystical discipline of kabbalah or other religious matters. The gift came a few years after John E. Larkin, longtime co-trustee of Davis's $11 million fortune, became involved with the center and its leaders. Larkin has not been accused of any crime in connection with his handling of Davis's money and has not been identified as a subject in a continuing Internal Revenue Service probe of the Kabbalah Centre and Philip and Karen Berg, the charity's leaders. Read more. (04/09/12)

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